World Bipolar Day 2016 Mumbai Event

SP Jain


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March 30 is World Bipolar Day 2016.
Most of the developed World creates a lot of Events and generates awareness in mass media on this day about the enormity of the challenge that Bipolar Disorder is.

How terrifying are the Stats, really?
15 Million Indians are afflicted with this serious Mental Illness that is considered one of the most chronic disabling conditions of all. Not only does the afflicted suffer, but a family goes down with her or him: emotionally, in terms of  stigma faced and financially as well.

How does India fare in this regard?
Awareness has been abysmal in India and stigma, stifling. Although we have reams of articles/advertisements in the print media on World Diabetes Day for instance, or for Cardiac care/Cancer Awareness, Mental Health in general, languishes in the wilderness.

How can we change that?
Social Media is a great enabler.

Community Websites have begun to blossom.
Through this website, we have managed to create a lot of awareness, made deep inroads into the hinterlands of the country and have enabled people hitherto baulked by stigma to fearlessly share their stories.

Offline Events is the way to take it one step ahead.
And we are taking a proactive step to take the cause one level up. Mumbai will see an Event put together by the Community of those Afflicted and generously supported by some of the Medical Fraternity.

Engaging people in Empowering themselves is the way forward.

And what exactly will the Evening bring to you?

No, there won’t be just long, boring talks.
Beginning with a magical peek into the world of Meditation we shall ensure you’ll be captivated right through. So, poetry reading, Animation videos, Personal Story sharing to the nuts and bolts and bolts part of it~ a brief talk and interactive part of the session: debate with Caregivers~ it is an action packed evening!

We created history by being the FIRST Community Website of this nature in India.
The engagement and true spirit of sharing and caring that this site has managed to nurture, warms my heart.

Another piece of history will be created on the 30th.
An announcement that addresses an untouched area of Mental Wellness and Rehabilitation will be made. What’s that? Shouldn’t at least something be left to the imagination?

This Event will be a confluence of minds, ideas, caregivers and those in need of care, mindsets and possibilities.
Addressing the misery of 70 Million Indian who are Mentally Ill needs a starting point to take a brick out of the proverbial wall.

So, one brick at a time, let’s demolish the walls that stop us… Let’s walk into the sunshine.

30th of March, 2016 it is!
5.00 to 8.30 pm, S P Jain Auditorium, Bombay Hospital, Mumbai.

We invite ideas from the Community members~
What do you think can make this Event ‘Speak to the hearts’ of those affected more effectively?

Remember, it is OUR Event! Let’s make it happen!

PS: Gratitude needs to be expressed to a lot of people for their exemplary support!!
More about that later 🙂

24 thoughts on “World Bipolar Day 2016 Mumbai Event

  1. Poornima Jayarao

    Wow! Vijay Ji! I want to just say..Let’s walk together and make this day a golden one..

    1. Vijay Nallawala

      @poornimajayarao:disqus thank you for actively supporting the cause.
      Your ideas are worth incorporating and we are looking forward to you sharing your experience there.
      Yes, Let’s Walk Together!

  2. venkat

    Hi sir, My daughter is suffering from Bipolar. I am from bangalore. I am planning to come on 30th March for this event.

    1. Vijay Nallawala

      It would be an honour, @disqus_XI6FZgI2BG:disqus! Please do make it~ I can assure you that you will go back from this this event better informed and inspired.
      There’s hope for your daughter: many bipolar affected are leading normal lives!

    1. Vijay Nallawala

      Dear @disqus_XI6FZgI2BG:disqus, we are in the process of creating small ‘Power centres’ across as many major cities in India as possible. The Event on March 30 is one way of spurring action and encouraging people like you to come forward. By the way, a new initiative will be announced on that day.

  3. venkat

    I have read your book and it has given lot of hope for me. can we get your appointment to meet you persoanally on 31st march along with my family

      1. venkat

        We plan to stay till sunday and as my daughter have holidays we want to have your suggestions on therapy

        1. Vijay Nallawala

          @disqus_XI6FZgI2BG:disqus, meeting would help in various ways besides therapy options. The main thing is the approach to recovery, the discipline and mindset that one must adopt.

          1. venkat

            Sir I will be arriving mumbai on 30th Morning. Can you please suggest me the hotels where I can stay. I am coming with family ( 4 persons). I need your appointment on 30th or 31st. Please suggest time.

          1. Vijay Nallawala

            Hi @disqus_XI6FZgI2BG:disqus
            I was at a major Event today, speaking about what else?
            The impact of our Website! Hence the delay in responding.
            I’m messaging you my phone No.
            The Support our community got from the very learned gathering was overwhelming!!
            Looking forward to meeting your family.

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  5. Tushar Khurana

    @Vijay . . Please connect with me on 9779422771.
    I have gone through your website.
    I also have Bipolar. It has become manageable but now it is again affecting me.

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