Special Offers For You!

We at Bipolar India have been founded with the primary aim of creating awareness, raising conversations and providing support in ways feasible.

We are proud to announce the first of such Initiatives which is unlike any in the World! Disruptive innovation at its cutting edge best.

So what is this Special Offer?

Bipolar India has tied up with Thyrocare, a pan India chain of modern Diagnostic Laboratories for conducting of blood tests which are required by Bipolar Disorder afflicted at a price that is half their own standard Tariff and a quarter of of what a leading firm charged me recently. (Please refer to pull down menu on this Page for specifics of the Thyrocare Offer)

In the coming times, we envisage more such tie ups that could benefit our community of 15 Million in India.

Let’s Collaborate
Let’s Innovate
Let all us Benefit
Let’s Walk Together