lets-walk-togetherKnow more about your condition, symptoms and methods to cope with them.
Loads of reading material, Blogs, websites and videos which can help Bipolar as well as Depression affected is available on the web and in print.
Knowledge empowers us, inspirational stories spark hope where there is none.


FEELING GOOD  by Dr.David Burns
At a time when I needed it the most, this Book came as a blessing!
It had a profound impact on me and changed my thought process entirely: for the better.
The Book is based about CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). How it worked is that it made me introspect on my though processes: essentially, our thoughts determine our moods. I am not suggesting that our mood disorders do not have a deeper, more fundamental basis. By adopting the strategies propounded by Dr.Burns, I managed to bring myself out of a crippling depressive phase. (As such anti-depressants are quite ineffective for treating the depression phase of Bipolar Disorder) .

Dr.Brian Weiss: Many Lives Many Masters

This is a path breaking work by a practicing Psychiatrist on Past lives, reincarnation and the connection to health issues: he has actually used his research in Past Life Regression therapy to heal many of his Patients. It enabled me to see the bigger picture. The canvas of life is much bigger than we can ever imagine!

THE SECRET– Rhonda Byrne

The Law of attraction and the power of my mind to create reality around me: this was a concept that engulfed me! Esp. the chapter on the Miracle Man, Maurice Goodman, whose incredible recovery from deathbed after a near fatal air accident resonated with me my own struggle.
If he used his self belief to recover, so could I..

A BIPOLAR’S JOURNEY~ From Torment to Fulfillment ~ Vijay Nallawala
If I may humbly add my own Book to this list, purely for one reason. This is the very first (and only?) such book written by a bipolar in India about his recovery journey. It therefore is a perspective from South Asia, relevant to conditions prevailing here. Do not go my word,
read the Foreword by Jennifer Sertl provided in above link. Also get to read the first few chapters to get a feel of it.

The D-Word~ A Survivor’s Guide To Depression ~ By Shubhrata Prakash
If depression has made inroads into your life, this book tells you not to lose hope. Drawing from real-life experience and meticulous research, Shubhrata Prakash shares her expert knowledge on what it means to have depression, how to identify your particular strain and overcome your sense of hopelessness.


There’s so much of research material, new studies, news about breakthroughs available on the internet, keep yourself abreast of it, without getting overwhelmed by it.

The Most Comprehensive Articles I have yet found on Bipolar Disorder:
“Bipolar I Disorder is one of the most severe forms of mental illness and is characterized by recurrent episodes of mania and (more often) depression. The condition has a high rate of recurrence and if untreated, it has an approximately 15% risk of death by suicide. It is the third leading cause of death among people aged 15-24 years”
Internet Mental Health
The article also clarifies that Bipolar I Disorder should not be confused with Bipolar Disorder  2, BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) or Mood Disorders triggered by Physiological conditions.
Sort of brings clarity to my mind, too:
A few well-meaning friends in their feedback talk about their total recovery from Bipolar Disorder.
Research says that one can’t compare variants of Bipolar. Similarly, each individual is distinct, the environmental factors which have such a huge bearing, vary, too.
Does the label of ‘severe, incurable illness’ bother me?
Honestly it did, for many years. I have now made peace with my condition.
It is no longer about complete recovery. A pragmatic me declares: it is about living a life of fulfillment.


American Psychological Association 

International Bipolar Foundation 



Vishwas Meditation:

OMG I Can Meditate ~ Meditation made easy! Try it!


Can People With A Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis Ever Leave Medicines Behind?
ERIC ARAUZ’s rousing story of having recovered from Bipolar-1 Disorder despite multiple other problems!

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My Own Blogs:
Writing is a cathartic experience for me,
a channel to express myself freely to a global audience through Blogging.
It began as a hobby two years ago, developed into a passion and is now my career.
I have discovered my true self through writing.
We Bipolars in particular have a creative streak in us. Giving it wings uplifts our spirits..

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