OpportunityAs you know Bipolars are the eccentric, creative types. Thus, seeing that my earlier efforts to get Professionals from the healing world on-board this Community have not yielded results, thought of adopting a fresh approach. Frustration won’t help, will it?

Have you ever seen a Matrimonial Classified in The Times Of India’s Sunday edition? Ahem, Ahem: I got married that way! Am doing away with the strangulating budget restrictions of the publications and posting  my Advertisement right here!  Ain’t I innovative? I very well know the reach of this site and thus the effectiveness of this approach:

Newspaper‘A Bipolar Disorder community Pioneer, Age 51, himself a veteran Bipolar, seeks a Polygamy alliance with Healthcare Professionals from these backgrounds: Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists and Psychotherapists of repute. Age, caste, religion, even sex no bar for the candidates! Nationality no bar, too! Credibility, a Passion to make a difference and high Professional ethics are the only qualifications required! Responses on the Post Box of the internet: Discus/Comment’

Aah! I hear the by now expected ‘W.I.I.F.M. :
‘What’s In It For Me’?
Logical question when a long term commitment is being sought..

My Qualifications before I demand to check yours.
This Online Community is the very FIRST in India started by a Bipolar himself.
Is it successful? Well, 25,000 Visits in a little over 5 months since launch should be a decent enough yardstick.

Again, coming to crux of it: as you’d probably know if you are qualified enough, that there are an estimated 100 Million Bipolar afflicted in the world.
In India itself, the number could be 15 Million. The extent of the issue is staggering.

The health-care facilities in India, the Sub-continent of Asia and many other developing regions are woefully inadequate to deal with the Bipolar afflicted.
Awareness is poor and there’s social stigma attached to the condition as well as the sufferer.

The gigantic problem throws up a world of  opportunities to use Technology as a medium to reach the farthest corners of a nation like India and the world at large.
Herein lies your opportunity to establish your credentials to a focused, global TARGET audience, engage with them meaningfully and lend a helping hand without stretching yourself too much.
In turn, establish your Personal Brand as an Authentic healer who is not only an expert but cares.

There is no bar on you to communicate your Contact details or offer services on a chargeable basis to the Visitors on this site either.

So why are you looking at a Gift Horse in the Mouth?

You have yourself been helped by so many on the way to the top. Its payback time.

Alternatively you could connect with me on any of my Social Media platforms (Tabs on my BLOG) :