Learning From Peer Support Meets


With the conclusion of our 3rd Peer Support Meet on the 7th of Feb, we are getting to know each other better. Those afflicted with bipolar finally have an offline community to interact with, to lighten their burdens. So many of our problems are common, it’s like we are reflections of each other!

Two couples in the Group are in a similar space~ a bipolar II and a supportive spouse. Their proactive approach towards the treatment and recovery path of their spouses is heartwarming.
Yes, folks, bipolars like us need to be understood first and we need tons of love! Keep it coming..

Also, the small group is gradually getting more comfortable in opening up to each other~ a sense of innate trust is developing. By disclosing vulnerabilities and challenges, we are able to lighten our burdens. This works like Group therapy, difference is there’s no care giver involved.

Glad that everyone of us is adhering to the respective treatments~ a crucial part of the recovery process. Our exchange of info is creating a wealth of knowledge we can bank upon. And as we get to know each other better, we go beyond introductions to what benefits each of us. So, one participant talked about his CBT and allied therapy sessions. We also are advising members on what look like obvious Red Flags~ for instance, a case of two separate anti depressants being prescribed simultaneously without the cover of mood stabilisers~ a second opinion was recommended because we cannot take over the mantle of care givers ourselves. Also, the need for diagnostic tests at pre-decided intervals to monitor impact of medicine and side effects, if any.

In order to add some buzz into our lives, I suggested to the Group that we create a list of things we appreciate in life.

  1. To begin with, music. Our favourite song (a huge challenge for me because I have 100’s of fav songs!)
  2. Who doesn’t like vacations and travel? So, the best vacation experience we ever had..
  3. Lastly, to adopt the practice of writing. Writing just about anything~ a daily journal, random thoughts..Writing is therapeutic, writing is great fun!

By engaging ourselves in pleasurable activities we rekindle the love for living life fully.
Here Goes~
Both Sides of the Story~ Phil Collins
Fragile~ Sting

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This~ Eurythmics

Heal the World~ Michael Jackson

You Win Again~ Bee Gees

Another Day In Paradise- Phil Collins

Best holiday ever?
There have been so many..our favourite destination, Mahabaleshwar, the Kerala trip, lovely Karnataka (Mysuru/Coorg)..
The Winner has to be Varca beach, Goa!
And why Goa? Well, we did not take in much sightseeing but the experience was the most relaxing and soothing one I have ever had! An exercise in mindfulness, suspension of rigorous thinking and going with nature’s flow..the most blissful week ever!
The unspoilt white sands beach, cool sands in the morning to walk upon.

As for the next meet, we came up with the idea of meeting at a place in the midst of nature~
SGNP for instance. How about that? Being in the lap of nature might well work to revitalise us!


6 thoughts on “Learning From Peer Support Meets

  1. Poornima Jayarao

    Vijay Ji music is divine. I enjoyed hearing to all the songs you have shared. .so refreshing and relaxing… It is an awesome idea to be in the lap of nature.. I am game for SGNP!!!

    1. Vijay Nallawala

      Thanks @poornimajayarao:disqus~ Music heals and awesome music makes us feel awesome!
      About SGNP, nature has a soothing effect. Amid all the greenery, we might find the atmosphere more conducive to opening up. Decision of course depends on the consensus of the Group.

  2. Mangal

    First of all thanks to Vijay Sir, moderator of this blog. It feels at home here.

    Anybody in delhi or Varanasi region? I have been selected in Indian Engineering Service AIR 09. I want to conduct Holotropic Breathwork meditation retreats for people interested for free. I am a bipolar 1 presently on lithium and if things go simple I might be off lithium in 3-5 years. Earlier I suffered huge anger and anxiety issues but a lot of them are now gone.

    I have found this meditation highly useful as compared to Indian versions, many of them with their strict rules of body motion and breathing simply are unworkable by our already strained mind and body.

    It needs a facilitator and dream analysis and discussion. I also want to teach basic Qi Gong and self massage techniques that I have developed over years to stay healthy without doing lot of running or gym.

    I am an graduate of IIT Delhi. My joining in railway is in late 2016.

    I want to form a Bipolar Community Meeting point in delhi and am also ready to invest on location for breath work and support systems. The Breathwork if done properly needs to done for 7 days straight. If anyone wants a break from routine life, he or she is also welcome.

    Please please don’t hesitate and call me or whatsapp me on 8377985909 or mail me @ [email protected]

    I believe complete cure is possible. There is lot I can write here. I will end though by saying that SAMUDRA MANTHAN mentioned in old texts is basically processing of UNCONSCIOUS.

    1. Vijay Nallawala

      Thank you @disqus_XpffVEwqfs:disqus and Welcome to the Community!
      Am glad you are recovering well.
      You are a generous person and best of luck for your dream project~
      to start a similar Support system in New Delhi.
      It is also fantastic that you intend to offer these session for free to Bipolar affected.
      About the efficacy of Indian systems, well, without contesting your experience, I’ll say this~
      I’ve been practicing Meditation & Yoga since 18 years and for about 14 years on a daily basis. My own recovery to a functional level is largely due to this.
      Science now proves that simple meditation practice if done on a regular basis, helps in Mental illness. It has been proven to heal even severe PTSD cases of war survivors.
      However, your methods might have something new to offer.
      Yes, we must interact and see how you can reach out to the community in your area.
      I’ll mail you asap.
      Let’s Walk Together!

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