My Story


Hi! A little bit about myself. Allowing myself to hit the << rewind button.. I began assisting my Uncle in our business in Vasai, a Mumbai suburb, in the 1980’s. A raw behind the ears nineteen year old learnt the importance of hard work, discipline, people skills and negotiation. Your-Passion1989 saw the birth of my own enterprise, Frontline Communications. We were among the pioneers in high end Multi-Media Projection Equipment rentals. We handled prestigious events for Microsoft, Amway and The Art of Living. Many accolades came our way. Excellence, commitment and creativity that wowed our clients separated us from the rest. Fourteen years of great learning and personal growth!

When it seems everything is picture perfect and that nothing can go wrong, it surely does.
Bipolar Disorder struck  (that was eleven years ago, when everything in life seemed to be headed in the right direction >> forward). It played spoil sport for a long, long time. Eventually my indomitable spirit had to win. The initial trauma and the years spent in grappling with the condition impacted my career too. Wound up my enterprise and sort of forcibly took up a career in Financial Advisory services in 2004 and I excelled there too. My emphasis was on client-centric advice and professional ethics. I share with pride that even after I switched to writing, erstwhile clients still seek my advice on financial matters.

Why did l take to Writing then?
What God snatches with one hand He gives back with another.
Aren’t we Bipolars disproportionately creative? History says so. While dabbling with Blogs I Knowledgerealised that what my deepest passion was! I have always been a creative soul and the words just flow. From spirituality, creative storytelling, healing, personal development to poetry, I cover everything under the sun! Writing gave wings to my creativity and has helped me discover myself.

My years of grappling with Bipolar Disorder inspired me to pioneer this online community (much needed, considering the total lack of organised interaction or awareness about Bipolar Disorder in India. Here, the mentally ill have to bear the brunt of unforgiving social stigma). A friend and mentor, Puneet Bhatnagar, came up with this idea: why not utilise my communicative and personal development skills for a social cause? I readily implemented Puneet’s suggestion. My first hand experience gives me the unique advantage of understanding the trials and tribulations this crippling condition entails. Rarely must I have done as much research for my own healing as I did for for the community that we set up.

As my endeavour shifted my focus outwards, I became an observer rather than victim. Puneet had predicted precisely this outcome! He also was among the first to assert that I was a born writer. Without being my formal coach, Puneet, you have spun magic in my life!

LeaderI now find myself at the cusp of an intensely exciting phase of my life! Having just completed writing my first Book, which is also about my own Bipolar recovery journey and it is slated to be published well before the end of 2015.
With this involving task behind me, I have begun focusing on my career as a Personal Branding Coach.

Here, I must mention two infinitely kind souls who are generously lending their support to this cause (movement?): Jennifer Sertl, a Business Strategist and Coach of Global repute. Jennifer, you made me believe. Dr.Amit Nagpal, Personal Branding Guru, is my Mentor, Soul Friend as well as navigator in my writing and personal branding career. With intellectual heavyweights like you channeling my energies, am relishing the challenges ahead!
“May your story be the fire and we’ll wish for wind . . “  ~ Jennifer Sertl.
Indebted to both of you!

About my other interests: Photography, music, reading, yoga, meditation, nature, spirituality and helping others are close to my heart. Quality time, including regular vacations, with my wife and nine year old daughter is our way of bonding.

Come, join me in my journey. Why not connect?
Let’s Walk Together.
Vijay Nallawala

More about the Mentors who have transformed my rocky path into an Expressway!
For, isn’t it our story?
Jennifer-picBusiness strategist Jennifer Sertl is an internationally recognized influencer in social media and thought leader in the emerging field of corporate consciousness. She is president and founder of Agility3R, a leadership development company dedicated to strengthening strategic skills and helping leaders become more resilient, responsive, and reflective.
(To this I might add, Jennifer happens to be one of the kindest and most generous souls I have had the privilege of interacting with).

Dr Amit Nagpal is one of the leading Personal Branding Professionals and Coaches in India. Amit NagpalHis strength is in collaborating with the finest Globally and building synergies at the drop of a hat! By the way, he wears many hats as an Author, Speaker and Coach too. He has recently branched into Storytellling as a Branding tool for individuals as well as businesses. Inventive, Insightful and Incisive is how I would describe him. Plus a powerhouse of positive energy!!


Creative to the hilt is what Puneet Bhatnagar is, if anything. He has a twenty years background in the Advertising industry as a Senior Creative professional. Now a trainer in creativity and innovation, Puneet is an exceptionally gifted individual and a Certified NLP Trainer who deploys the NLP model of excellence to bring about a creative mindset in the participants of his Workshops.